1.1. Participants must be 6 year old or older to participate in the Mobile Escape Room.
1.2. The person responsible for the reservation must guarantee an ample space at least 2.70m wide, 2.70m deep and 2.20m high.
1.3. The person responsible for the reservation must ensure that the space where the Mobile Escape Room will be set up will not be subject to the elements during the event (rain or wind).
1.4. By making the reservation of our services, you are agreeing to the following conditions:

2.1. The game is designed for teams of 2 to 5 children and each game lasts between 20 to 30 minutes.
2.2. ENIGMABOX collects and stores some of your personal data without disclosing it to third parties and is dedicated to ensuring that the privacy of your personal information is protected.
2.3. Due to the nature of the game, no recording can be made during the game. This includes (without limitation) the use of mobile phones, recording devices (video and / or audio) and cameras. The use of such devices during the event is not permitted inside the Mobile Escape Room.
2.4. ENIGMABOX expects that participants will not disclose any details of the game directly or indirectly to the public.
2.5. ENIGMABOX will be able to contact you punctually with offers and promotions via email.
2.6. ENIGMABOX has the right to charge the person responsible for the reservation for any intentional and/or damage caused by the improper use of items.
2.7. While in play within the Mobile Escape Room, participants must ensure compliance with our rules, adopt appropriate standards of behavior and cooperate with our employees.
2.8. ENIGMABOX requires 30 minutes for assembly and preparation of the game, as well as 30 minutes for disassembly. That time should be considered when making an appointment with our team.
2.9. After the 1st team starts the game, there should be no interruptions between teams.

3.1. The only language available at the moment to use our Mobile Escape Room is PORTUGUESE, but content in other languages may be created upon request.
3.2. Only clients over 18 years old can book for the Mobile Escape Room .
3.3. The Mobile Escape Room reservations must be made by email or telephone at least 8 days in advance.

4.1. The price for each of our games is indicated on the website.
4.2. Full payment is required at the end of the event.
4.4. For events outside the Municipality of Lourinhã, there is an additional 0.25 € per kilometer of distance between Lourinhã and the event location.
4.5. Payment on site can only be made in Cash, MBway or Bank Transfer. Checks, debit cards or credit cards are not accepted.
4.6. If you want an Invoice with a Taxpayer Number, you should request it at the event site.

5.1. If you need to contact ENIGMABOX, you can do so using the following email address: geral@ENIGMABOX.pt

6.1. Each participant will be instructed before the event by one of the ENIGMABOX employees. After attending the Briefing, each player will participate in the event at their own risk. ENIGMABOX is not responsible for any damage (personnel or equipment) caused by not following the rules described during the Briefing.
6.2. The participation of people who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as judged by ENIGMABOX employees, can be rejected.
6.3. Drinks and food cannot be transported inside the Mobile Escape Room.

7.1. Photos of each team can be taken during the game and at the end of the game.
7.2. The photos of each team will be stored on our server and placed on our social network pages without any identification of the participants.
7.3. If you do not want to share the team photos, you must inform our employees or contact by email: geral@ENIGMABOX.pt