Uma Noite no Museu

Chaos is in place.
A time breach threatens to distort time and break reality as we know it. Several teams were sent to "ground zero" but so far all efforts have been short-lived. Humanity's only hope lies in the hands of a team of world experts ... YOUR TEAM.
Will you be able to restore order to time?
After the appearance of a temporal breach in the Interpretation Center of the Battle of Vimeiro, caused by a mysterious object, the participants were invited to become teams of specialists with the "simple" mission of saving the world. Between 19h30 and 22h00 on February 9, 2019, almost 100 participants were put to the test with 4 rooms full of challenges and actors, thanks to the participation of the AMAL Amateur Theater group, which in addition to creating greater immersion in the plot, were an integral part of puzzle solving. The teams of specialists had their plate filled with challenges of deduction, logic, exploration and even direct contact with museum pieces where clues were hidden. At the end of the event, everyone was entitled to small memories from the Interpretation Center of the Battle of Vimeiro, and of course, the pride of having saved the world and who knows ... the Universe.



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From Lisbon - 60km - 50min

From Caldas da Rainha - 36km - 30min