Uma Noite no Museu

It has now been 800 years since the Charter of Lourinhã symbolizes the donation and confirmation of the lands of Lourinhã by King D. Afonso Henriques and later confirmed by D. Afonso II to the knight Templar D. Iordan, as thanks for the reconquest of the city of Lisbon to govern it according to its rules. He ruled his whole life in a fair and honorable way, and realizing the power that the Charter gives to its holder, decided to hide it from the world before he died, so that no one could take advantage of it. After 8 centuries several groups are looking for the Charter to take advantage of its power, for various purposes, or agendas.
The participants embody the role of one of these groups in search of the lost artifact ... will you be the next rulers of Lourinhã?
The event took place on the 28th of July 2018 at the Museu da Lourinhã between 20h00 and 23h00.
More than 70 participants were put to the test across the entire length of the Museum, where in some cases it was necessary to interact with museum pieces normally not accessible to visitors. At the end, all the teams were entitled to a copy of the Charter of Lourinhã as proof of their perspicacity and ingenuity.
The fastest team was awarded a voucher for the EnigmaBOX Escape Room and free tickets to the Lourinhã Museum to enjoy the exhibition without the stress of solving puzzles or riddles.



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